Sofitel Coral Beach & Pool Towel

  • Coral Beach & Pool Towel




Pack up this exclusive Kenzo TAKADA beach and pool towel when it’s time for swimming and sunbathing. Inspired by the beautiful tropical flowers that bloom all over Mauritius, this generously sized towel for SO/ is loomed from pure terry cotton in a cheerful orange hue and features a woven hibiscus at its center. Sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.

For SO/ Mauritius, visionary designer Kenzo TAKADA envisioned home decor that would blend in with the natural beauty of the island, from bright tropical flowers to the cool blues of the sea. Mixing warm colors with white minimalism, his hotel collection combines a contemporary look with softness, simplicity and a feeling of zen.


In Mauritius, a hybrid of cultures come together. The island is influenced by Chinese, Indian and African cultures who blend rich cultural and artistic traditions. When combined with the natural beauty of the island, this tropical paradise will uplift your soul.