Sofitel Cube Bookend

  • Cube Bookend

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Acclaimed designer Karl Lagerfeld created this special bookend for the library at SO/ Singapore. Minimal yet striking in white Corian, it features the original Lion's Seal emblem on two sides, designed in honor of Singapore's vibrant energy and history. It's adorned with a witty original quote by Lagerfeld, stamped with his one-of-a-kind attitude, in both French and English. Set it wherever your literature or paperwork lives. At 4 inch square and 42 ounces, it is presented in a gift box with a red ribbon pull handle.

Our SO/ Singapore address features designer Karl Lagerfeld’s avant-garde touch and incomparable vision, seamlessly blending contemporary style, local history and French art de vivre. To capture its rich history and vibrant energy, designer Karl Lagerfeld dreamed up The Lion’s Seal emblem. Fierce, elegant and one of a kind, the emblem is like the city itself, and graces the halls and rooms of SO/ Singapore.


Singapore is known as the Lion City, after the tale of a Prince who landed on its shores after surviving a storm and saw a lion in the distance, declaring it a sign of good luck.