Sofitel Boutique Room Diffuser Capsule

  • Room Diffuser Capsule


The right fragrance is your key to creating joyful moments worth celebrating each and every day. Designed for use with our Room Diffuser scent machine, these Sofitel Room Diffuser Capsules effortlessly elevate your space. Choose from our effervescent French Riviera, romantic Joie de Vivre, and evocative La Nuit or bring home all three scents to create the ideal atmosphere for whatever mood may strike.


  • Fragrance capsule
  • Fragrance capsule lasts over 300 hours
  • Freshens up to 500 square feet
  • Room Diffuser machine sold separately
  • 3.25" H, 1.75" W (at base) and 2" W (at top)

Scent Options:

  • French Riviera: flourishing garden of basil, rosemary, eucalyptus, garden mint, fir balsam, pine moss, guaiac wood, mandarin, lime, lemon, apple, and fig
  • Joie de Vivre: elegant, romantic harmony of seabreeze, lily of the valley, magnolia petals, Amazon lilies, Tahitian vanilla, and bleached white cedarwood
  • La Nuit: sensual, sophisticated blend of saffron, woods, and smoke accented by uplifting lemon, cypress, and eucalyptus


Notes of fresh herbs, fir balsam, guaiac wood, citrus, and apple


Seabreeze, lily, and magnolia blended with vanilla and cedarwood


Sophisticated blend of saffron, woods, smoke, lemon, and cypress