Sofitel Chrysanthemum Vase

  • Chrysanthemum Vase


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White-sand beaches, verdant palm trees and colorful botanicals make Mauritius a heavenly escape. Designer Kenzo TAKADA captures the vivid tropical scenery of this island paradise in his exclusive floral vase collection for SO/ Mauritius. The 16 inch high Chrysanthemum Vase is handmade from porcelain and features a hand-painted bloom. Combine all three vases for a vivid arrangement or enjoy the beauty of a single vase filled with freshly cut flowers.

For SO/ Mauritius, visionary designer Kenzo TAKADA envisioned home decor that would blend in with the natural beauty of the island, from bright tropical flowers to the cool blues of the sea. Mixing warm colors with white minimalism, his hotel collection combines a contemporary look with softness, simplicity and a feeling of zen.


In Mauritius, a hybrid of cultures come together. The island is influenced by Chinese, Indian and African cultures who blend rich cultural and artistic traditions. When combined with the natural beauty of the island, this tropical paradise will uplift your soul.